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Ten More Restaurants Offering Signature Dishes at Reduced Price for November’s St Maarten Flavors

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Ten more St. Maarten Restaurants joined the St. Maarten Flavors program, offering a special dish for an affordable price during the month of November for residents and visitors. Infinity, Palapa Grill & Lounge, Al Pasha, Rendez Vous Lounge, Sale e Pepe, Salt, Schnitzelhouse SXM, St. Rose Café & Bar, The Chef Table and The Original Fat Boy BBQ Jimmy’s have joined a list of 13 restaurants becoming part of the program.

During the month of November, the St. Maarten Flavors program will showcase the great variety of culinary delights St. Maarten has to offer. Enrolled restaurants offer great deals to patrons ranging from samplers or one course bites starting at $17.50, to full three course dining experiences at $49. Revenues of the event will be used to launch a new generation of St. Maarten culinary talents to the next edition of the prestigious “Taste of the Caribbean” event in Miami in 2024.

In addition to the restaurants joining, new restaurants have revealed their signature dishes that will be presented during the St. Maarten Flavors month of November. Italian born chef Matteo of Roma at Oasis will bring all his talent from Rome to his menu on St Maarten. The November menu will start with a homemade Porchetta, thinly sliced pig roast with herbs and garlic, Stracciatella and pistachio crumbles. The signature main course will be Ravioli All’Aragosta, which is a handmade Caribbean lobster ravioli in a delicate saffron sauce. The Maho located restaurant will finish its meal off with a Crunchy almond-caramel gelato in a Di Saronno amaretto sauce, called Semifreddo. This year there will be an extra vegetarian option, which includes Arancini, a parmesan- mushroom risotto with Gorgonzola dipping and as dessert a roasted Pumpkin Agnolotti with Butter-sage, Parmesan and 15 years old aged balsamic drops.

Restaurant owner Jewel Daal of TJ’s Cassava Coal-pot Restaurant announces the restaurant’s three course dinner as being composed of an appetizer of TJ’s Conch Ceviche “Award winning” Fresh local julienne cut conchs served on a bed of leafy crisp colorful greens topped with our famous mango salsa and micro-greens with a slice of avocado and fried plantains along with a Johnnycake. As a main course, the restaurant offers a stew oxtail authentic island recipe, deeply flavored oxtail marinated in a variety of spices and braised down in the tastiest savory sauce. TJ’s Cassava Pudding will be the dessert, topped with a home-made guava-berry sauce.

In addition to the prix fix menus, many restaurants will offer activities on the side. Those interested in the St. Maarten Flavors month hosted by the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA), the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) and PDG Supplies are more than welcome to contact and joining the St. Maarten Flavors newsletter.

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