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St Maarten Flavors November Culinary Month Supported by Rainforest Adventure Park

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Rainforest Adventure Park will provide a complimentary entry ticket to “foodie” visitors and residents able to prove they enjoyed 5 signature dishes of the 47 participating restaurants and bars of the St Maarten Flavors Culinary Month of November. This was announced today by Rainforest Adventures and the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA).

By means of its special offer to food lovers, St. Maarten’s most well-known attraction Rainforest Adventure Park offered to play its part in the recognition of St. Maarten as Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Mauricio Cortez of Rainforest Adventure Park: “Research by the SHTA showed that two of the factors that make St. Maarten stick out as a destination are its culinary diversity and its wide offer of experiences. Rainforest Adventures offers amongst others one of the most scenic views of the region, and the steepest zip line of the world. By finishing an island wide dine around with a “dessert” of a visit to our park, we think these two strengths bring together an unforgettable St. Maarten Flavors November experience.”

During the full St. Maarten Flavors Month of November, 47 St. Maarten restaurants and bars offer a selected signature dish or cocktail combination for a sharply reduced price of either $49 (three course dinner) or $17.50. A full “island menu” and map of restaurant locations can be found at In addition, a variety of activities alongside the dishes and a fundraiser auction of hotel weeks, activities and retail products are part of the website.

All participants need to do to obtain a complimentary full access ticket to Rainforest Adventure Park, including its Soualiga Sky Explorer, Flying Dutchman zip line and many more, is to 1. Place social media selfies with yourself and the five signature dishes you enjoyed with hashtags #stmaartenflavors and #rainforestadventuresxm and 2. Send an e-mail to linking your post(s) and let the team know under what name they can arrange and plan a ticket.

Main supporters of the project are the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) and PDG supplies.

Other organizations that actively support the event are Sol Cooking Gas, Prime Distributors, Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco (CLT), Island 92 radio, VISIT Magazine, X104.3 radio, SXM Talks and Trakx Design.


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