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2023 St. Maarten Flavors Program to kick off with World Record Attempt at Port St. Maarten

To reaffirm St. Maarten’s international reputation as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, the 2023 St. Maarten Flavors Program will kick off with an effort to break a world record befitting its theme of showcasing the many Flavors St. Maarten has to offer. The world record attempt is to take place on the morning of June 15 th and will serve as the start of “St. Maarten FlavorsAppeteaser Week” from June 15 – June 24. This was announced by the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) in conjunction with Port St. Maarten Group today.

This week serves as pre-promotions for “St. Maarten Flavors” in the month of November,

where restaurants are offering prix fixe menus throughout the entire month of either, 3

courses, or one, highlighting their specialties for either $49 or $17.50. Those visitors that enjoy the prix fixe menu concept and food sampling in June are invited to plan their return in November to immerse themselves even further into the dynamic food scene that St. Maarten offers.

More details about the world record attempt, a cooperation between the St. Maarten

Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) through its St. Maarten Flavors Program, and Port St. Maarten Group, will be announced in the upcoming days. CEO of the Port St Maarten,

Alexander Gumbs states: “We are looking forward to a special day, in which St. Maarten will be highlighted worldwide for one of its great strengths – its many culinary delights. Our culinary variety is one of the reasons why St. Maarten has received many awards as No. 1. Port of the Caribbean by visitor polls.”

Mrs. May-ling Chun, director of the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau, a key supporter of 2023’s St.

Maarten Flavors events in both June and November, states: “The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau is elated that this year’s culinary November already starts in June and we are happy to share our many island flavors throughout the year, to residents and visitors alike”.

What is revealed about the Appeteaser Week’s kick-off stunt is that St. Maarten Flavors

supporting liquor brands El Dorado and Disaronno of Caribbean Liquor and Tobacco (CLT) will play a key role. CLT Managing Director George Greaux: “We are truly looking forward to

highlighting these fantastic flagship brands as the island’s taste on a global stage”.

The goal of the St. Maarten Flavors program is to put St. Maarten on the map of food lovers

around the world, invite visitors and locals to immerse themselves in the dynamic food scene of the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” at an accessible price point and to give local restaurants a platform to showcase their diverse creations. Additionally, these events serve as a fundraiser to get a national St. Maarten Team to the prestigious “Taste of the Caribbean” competition in Miami in 2024.

Besides Port St. Maarten Group, CLT and PDG Supplies, the St. Maarten Flavors Appeteaser

Week is actively supported by: the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) and EZ shop powered by Prime. The program is also made possible by Sol Gas, ORCO Bank, VISIT Magazine, Island 92Radio, SXM Talks, Sotheby’s International Realty, Dock Maarten and Sound 2000.

Restaurant offering a 3 courses signature dish for $49 for June Appeteaser Week are Emilio’s, Jai’s Contemporary, La Perle Bleu, Mr. Chow at Oasis, Ocean Lounge, Pure Ocean, Roma at Oasis, TJ’s Cassava Coal Pot. Those restaurants offering a one course signature dish for $17.50 are Aziana, Nola Bayou Bistro, The Captain’s Rib Shack, The Pier Beach Bat & Restaurant, The Tavern.

Restaurants interested in participating in, “St. Maarten Flavors” in November can contact the

SHTA office / or contact by phone at 542-0108

for all details.

Foodies interested in staying up to date with June Appeteaser Week and St Maarten Flavors

November can subscribe to our newsletter by emailing .


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